Mocha Chip Muffins

These are really good! I wanted to make these in my mini muffin pan that I just got from the store but me being the genius I am forgot to get the mini cupcake papers and I was afraid that they would get stuck in the pan if I didn't use them so I had to make boring old big muffins haha but I mixed it up a bit with the CareBear wrappers. lol

I fed these to a bunch of carnivores and they all said "wow these are vegan!??!" cause you know all vegan food must taste like lettuce and whole grain bread haha. These are probably the best muffins/cupcakes iv made so far the flavor is just right and its not dry or to moist. Im probably going to make these again very soon!

Heres the Recipe so you can get your carb on... haha


Emily said...

These look spectacular!! Maybe I'll make these for my class on Monday.....

ps. you've been blogrolled!

KleoPatra said...