Peach Upsidedown Cake

I got this low fat cake recipe from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. I have to say it was really yummy! I made a couple modifications as usual. I used canned peaches, instead of ginger I used cinnamon and chinese 5 spice. I also found that the batter was really dry so I added some extra soy milk to the batter to thin it out a bit more. The cake was a bit stiff even after adding all the extra soy milk but thats probably just my bad baking skills haha.


Mac and Cheezzzzzzzzzzzze...

So I preety much used the New Farm Recipe with some alterations. First off I halfed the nutritional yeast, used soy milk instead of water, halfed the butter, halfed the oil and it all came out wonderfully! The recipe makes enough for a large family and its preety much only me so this is going to be my lunch for the next few days. Oh and if your wondering what I put on top thats shredded cheddar follow your heart. Im glad my first vegan mac was a edible haha.