Cookies and Nature

These are the same Chocolate Chip cookies I made a couple posts ago the only difference is I rolled them out and cut them into heart shapes since they dont spread at all the reason why they look a bit darker is beacuse I added more cinnamon this time. We took them on our picnic along with some macaroni salad and baked tofu I think I prefer baked tofu to grilled tofu just has a better texture. ya know? Anyways theres some pictures of where we hiked below. We actually hike there atleast once a week but I usually dont take pictures for some reason.

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KleoPatra said...

Awwww, i <3 the cookies!

Nice outdoors photographs, too of where you hike. Beauty of nature... Gorgeous colours!!! Show us more!!!

i'm all for tofu, baked, grilled, breaded, sliced, diced, scrambled...