Vegan walnut brownies

Right now I'm waiting for my brownies to finish baking. I was sooo excited to get started. Making vegan brownies isn't hard at all it was about the same as regular brownies. The tofu part was kinda tricky getting it to be smooth but it wasn't bad. I was kinda stupid though and added the walnuts before I made sure the batter was completely blended so i had to stir forever to be sure there wasn't any chunks of flour or cocoa. I'll post pictures as soon as the brownies are out of the oven before my little brother and cousins dig in. I don't plan on telling them their eating vegan brownies until they finish and are raving about how good they are....hopefully.

Shitty pic...
my only complaint? they fall apart really easily. but everyone loved them.
I got the recipe from here
buuuuut I didn't use the preserves and I threw in walnuts because I had them sitting around the house.


Briggitte said...

awww khanh they look yummy! Now I need to come over and eat some haha

KleoPatra said...

NOT a shitty pic. Those look soooooooooo good!