Apple Spring Rolls

So I made some apple filled spring rolls today topped with cinnamon sugar they were really yummy and most importantly really simple to make. All you need is some spring roll wrappers (make sure their vegan) and apple pie filling you can get the canned kind or make your own. Mash up the apple so its in little pieces not apple sauce but chunky then roll into little spring rolls and fry in a small amount of oil and top with cinnamon sugar... I ate them with some Temptation Coffee vegan ice cream mmmmmm!

No more cooking this weekend, I have way to many containers full of leftovers in my fridge, im just going to make things out of the leftovers or else their going to be in there forever! ahhhhh [Que. the scary music]


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Those are so pretty!

Ms. Le said...

stop cooking so much you make me look lazy.
geeze they do look good tho.

Anonymous said...

Hey Briggitte !
Thanks for dropping by my place and leaving me a comment :)
I love this dessert spring roll idea ! I WILL try it :)

And I'll be back to look at more of your blog :)

P.S. Guess what my real name is? ;-)

KleoPatra said...


Emily said...

So adorable! I'm hungry, and looking at all these food blogs is not helping.